Maine Logging Companies







Maine Logging Companies

Construction Services
Gary Pomeroy offers a variety of construction services including:

• Road Building
• Windmill Pads
• Erosion control mix delivery

• Pavement Reconstruction
• Bridge Replacement
Maine Land Clearing
Land Clearing / Logging Services
Gary Pomeroy specializes in constructing subdivision roads to engineered standards and to meet local road ordinances.

• Statewide
• Right of Ways
• Subdivision Preparation

• Airports
• Selective Cutting

• Golf Courses
• Stump Removal & Grinding
• Residential & Commercial
• Timber Harvesting
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Maine Griding Companies

Grinding Services
In addition to other services that Gary Pomeroy currently offers, we also offer an alternative for erosion control purposes; stump grindings. These stump grindings can be manufactured on or off the project site

• Statewide Grinding
• Demolition
• Stumps
• Brush
• Municipal
• Commercial & Residential
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Maine Transportation Companies

Mobilization Services
Gary Pomeroy offersa variety of statewide transportations services. Please contact us with any questions you may have in regards to transportation.

• Statewide
• Low bed
• Dump Trailer
• Open Top Trailer - Live Floor & Dead
• Floor
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